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Our history and family

At the end of XIX century, Francesco Rocca started his historical business by bulk wine. In 1936 his son Angelo enhanced the wine production and built up a cellar in Nardò, Apulia. .

  • Grand-grandfather Francesco Rocca

  • Grandfather Angelo Rocca

  • Nardò winery

In the 1960's, Ernesto Rocca, Angelo’s son, bought the first bottling line and started the distribution of products under the Rocca brand.

  • Ernesto Rocca

  • Expo fair 1977

  • Paolo and Luca Rocca

In 1999, infatuated with Apulia and vines, he bought a farm in Leverano, in the heart of Salento.

  • Ernesto Rocca

  • Rocca Vini - Vineyard

  • Roccavini Don Cataldo

In 2009, Rocca Family becomes the major shareholder of the historical winery Dezzani in Piedmont realizing new commercial and productive synergies.
Paolo, Marco, Luca and Matteo (Ernesto’s sons), sharing duties and responsibilities, run the family’s business, which includes also a building company and a leading trot horse stud farm. Emanuele and Ernesto Jr., sons of Luca and Marco respectively, represent proudly today the fifth generation in the wine world.

  • La famiglia Rocca


It's five generations our Family hands down the passion for ageing wines in oak barrels.

The delicate chose of deserving wines to refine silently in our winery, the patient waiting and the definition of the right moment to bottle has always been fascinating moments and reason of excitement. 

Matured experiences, together with the joy of handing them down, ensure the production of wines of a unique nature, which is by now recognized in over 40 countries.